kilduff garden spaces

Cost effective living space to complement your home

kilduff garden spaces

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kilduff garden spaces

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kilduff garden spaces

Your new commute to work?

kilduff garden spaces

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Design and Construction
What makes our products superior?


The foundations for your garden space are prepared by our team. Our system is quick and environmentally friendly as we use a high quality precast concrete foundation. This also reduces the time to prepare the base to accommodate the structure.


All wall panels are made up of six layers to give maximum insulation. These panels are crafted in our workshop and then assembled in your garden. We use FSC/PEFC certified tanalised timber obtained from sustainable sources. For extra warmth, we use 50mm celotex rigid insulation which is wrapped in breathable membrane, between this and the external timber there is a vented cavity to provide necessary air flow.


To ensure that there is a barrier to moisture and prevent heat loss, the floor is a multi layered construction. This minimum five layer flooring is not in direct contact with the ground ensuring insulation from the cold and any moisture.


This is constructed using a four layer metal ribbed roof which is insulated to prevent heat loss. The inner panel is entirely maintenance free.

Windows and Doors

All windows are UPVC double glazed using toughened glass. Doors come with multi point locking as standard for maximum security.

OVER 25 YEARS expected lifespan10 YEAR guarantee on external structure